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“Everyone should have the right to access high quality treatment regardless of their athletic ability.”


Forward-thinking, joined-up treatment


At Cornwall’s only sports medicine clinic, we keep you training while you’re injured, so you come back stronger, and make sure you are maximising your recovery so you have minimal impact on doing what you love. This is forward-thinking, joined-up treatment for active people with goals. We don’t mind whether you play sport for fun or at a highly competitive level; whether you go the gym to lose weight, beef up and just to stay ‘fit’, it doesn’t matter to us – you get the same top-level treatment. Also, if you used to do sport, but an injury has stopped you in your tracks, we’ll guide you back to fitness.


Sports medicine: holistic rehabilitation

This is a holistic approach to rehabilitation and training through this relatively new field of sports medicine, which focuses on the management and treatment of injuries caused by sports and other fitness activities. A sports medicine clinician should not only be an expert in diagnosing injuries but also in the art of coaching and rehabilitation. We are movement specialists with advanced diagnostic skills as well as advanced sports and conditioning knowledge. We believe that people should only stop sport/exercise when they choose to. Just because medication and surgery isn’t working, it doesn’t mean there is no hope.


When UK/Australian netball player, Lottie Richardson, came to Andrew with a potentially career- ending injury, this is what she said:

“After resolving my hip problem, Andrew moved on to training methods for me to protect and develop my body for the rigours of the elite game. Surprisingly, Andrew's unique insight also enabled me to better understand how I run, turn, jump and stop, which previously, I had just taken for granted. The outcome is that I now feel so much stronger in every area, with a renewed confidence in my ability. With Andrew's help, my dream is now alive again. He is a great guy, is brilliant at his job, and I look forward to training with him exclusively, when I am back in the UK. I am just so grateful to him.” 


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