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Unravelling S&C for Therapists


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Course Description



It is great Knowing about S&C & knowing about exercise prescription but it is not enough when managing patients. Understanding why people don’t exercise despite
medical advice is the secret to a successful rehab programme. This course is for the therapist who is looking to sharpen their focus when it comes to exercise

adherence. It looks to unravel the world of Physio, S&C and behavioural change. I have completed a lot of courses and qualifications over the years and I can say

without doubt that becoming a strength and conditioning specialist has totally transformed my practice as a physiotherapist. It is something that unfortunately

is not taught on our undergraduate degree, yet it is perceived that we are experts in exercise prescription. I now know, after finishing my physiotherapy degree,

I was not an exercise prescription specialist. As physiotherapist’s we are in a perfect position to be leaders in the world of sports medicine and performance

enhancement. However, although we are experts in movement analysis, we are definitely in second place when it comes to strength and power training.

This coursewill give you an introduction into how S&C and mindset management can transform your current practice both with athletic and non-athletic patients 

(Granny’s& Grandad’s included).


Learning outcomes



This course will include a mixture of practical and theory.

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