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How to select a sport's physiotherapist

By Andrew on 05 Feb 2015

Part 1) John is a regional level long distance runner. He has developed some knee pain over the past 3 months, which is affecting his performance. He decides to attend his local GP for some advice as he has a race coming up in 3 weeks time. It goes like this:   John: “Doctor, my knee hurts.” Doctor: “What happened?” John: “Well, after 6 miles of running, I get aching in my knee, which is affecting my running times.” Doctor: (who has approximately 10 minutes for an assessment and a full list of patients that day, ranging from heart disease,…

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Almost there but feel like getting nowhere?

By Andrew on 29 Jan 2015

It is nearly the end of January, your new years resolution is slowly fading and you haven't got the body you asked Santa for. You have trained hard and eaten all the right food. Your body aches, your 'dodgy' back is playing up, motivation is low and still no results. Well done, you are at the point in training where frustration is at its highest point and failure is just around the corner. There are not enough results to act as a carrot to drive you forward and you have a bagful of excuses why you should stop. Here are some essential points…

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What the hell does Come Back Stronger mean?

By Andrew on 07 Jan 2015

It means everything that ProCare stands for.  It means coming back from: - injury  - rejection  - a poor training session  - illness  - a poor performance  - a place where negativity rules all actions  - a place where "I cant" rules over "I can"  It means come back stronger mentally  It means come back stronger physically  It means come back a stronger athlete It means come back a stronger person  I have spent the past month struggling with an elbow problem. Commonly this problem would be diagnosed as "tennis elbow". This would usually be based purely on location of…

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