Go Big or Go Small for Strength

By Andrew on 30 Nov 2018

A common misconception in strength training is that you need to go hard every time to get strong. Well that’s just not true. There is a fine line between skill acquisition, central nervous system fatigue, muscle hypertrophy (growth of muscle) and strength development. The research is certainly not clear with regards to exact reps and sets & there are many ways to get strong. If there was only one way, we wouldn’t have thousands of people on here telling you their way that definitely works. They all work but are they the right approach for you is the big question. 


To pull 107 kg (BW + 32kg KB) vertically, I did the following: Not lifting heavy every time, varied time frames for sessions (e.g 10 press ups to a full 60 min workout), lifted heavy when I felt strong, Showing up for training daily with deliberate purposeful practice. That’s it. 


Fitness and exercise is a habit just like gambling or eating cake. But instead of making you sad it makes you happy. Like diets, the best approach to strength training is the one that works for you and the one you can stick to after all the excitement has died down. 


Come back stronger

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