Why Physiotherapy at ProCare is different

By Andrew on 29 Nov 2014

Firstly, have you had physiotherapy in the past, which has not helped? 

If so, ask yourself the following questions. 

Did they explain the diagnosis on your first appointment? 

Did they explain why you may or may not require imaging/investigations (x-rays, scans, blood tests etc)?

Did they give you a timeframe for recovery/return to sport? 

Did they give you any other form of treatment apart from machines e.g. Ultrasound? 

Did they give you specific tailored exercises which you could do either at home or in the gym? 

Did they explain each exercise and how to progress or regress it? 

Were you consistent with your rehab but it still had no affect? 

Did you trust and believe in them? 

If you have answered NO to any of these questions, than the success of your treatment will most likely be compromised. 

We believe that ALL of these questions must be answered with a 'YES' before we (client & therapist) decide that physiotherapy has failed. 

ProCare answers these questions and it's why we are different.

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