You are Out of Your Mind!!

By Andrew on 03 Mar 2018

Ok, you’re injured.

You are going out of your mind with frustration and disappointment.

Everything is rubbish, poor sleep, bad mood, snapping at people, no stress relief, getting unfit…

First few thoughts when injury strikes:

‘this might get better by itself if I just keep training’

‘I don’t want to stop training’

‘what happens if it doesn’t get better’

‘why does this stuff always happen to me’ etc etc

So how do you stop these negative unhelpful thoughts, which are leading to procrastination and disappointment?

Let's look at Darren Campbell (100 & 200m sprinter GB). On his first Olympics (Atlanta 1996), he dropped the baton in the relay and in Athens 2004 he pulled his hamstring in the 200m.

In a recent interview, he says, ‘it taught me about myself and adversity and the sacrifices you have to make. People were laughing at what I did, but you have to be strong. The decision I was left with was do I turn and run or do I show people I’m not a disgrace and Come Back Stronger’ (

He won gold in the 4x100m relay in Athens. The very race that had nearly ruined his running career 8 years earlier.

So what the hell does Come Back Stronger Mean?

It means coming back from:

  • Injury 
  • Rejection 
  • A poor training session
  • Illness
  • A poor performance 
  • A place where negativity rules all actions 
  • A place where "I can't" rules over "I can"

It means come back stronger mentally

It means come back stronger physically 

It means come back a stronger athlete

It means come back a stronger person 

It means, find out what you really want and put all your energy into getting it.

DONT wait and hope 

DONT procrastinate with injury 

DONT look for a magic pill, exercise or herb

Just make the decision and then take action today

This is how you prevent low mood and frustration 

This is how you become a better person 

This is how you come back stronger 

This is why you should train with ProCare 

Take action now and stop wasting time, book an appointment today 

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