What the hell does Come Back Stronger mean?

By Andrew on 07 Jan 2015

It means everything that ProCare stands for. 

It means coming back from:
- injury 
- rejection 
- a poor training session 
- illness 
- a poor performance 
- a place where negativity rules all actions 
- a place where "I cant" rules over "I can" 

It means come back stronger mentally 
It means come back stronger physically 
It means come back a stronger athlete
It means come back a stronger person 

I have spent the past month struggling with an elbow problem. Commonly this problem would be diagnosed as "tennis elbow". This would usually be based purely on location of pain, pain on gripping and that's about it really. I know it's not tennis elbow because I don't have the mechanism or symptoms to match this diagnosis. I have a nerve irritation coming from my neck (holding my 4 month old son has taken its toll). This knowledge has allowed me to continue to train because as I move more, I get less pain during and after exercise. This would not happen with a tendon "tennis elbow" problem. 


So why does this personal story matter?. It matters because knowing what the problem is helps me continue to train and not only progress towards my fitness goals but also rehabilitate my elbow/neck problem. I managed to improve my one arm over head squat even though I was technically injured and would in most cases have been told to rest and certainly not lift heavy stuff above my head. 


Yes I had elbow pain and yes certain grip heavy training was still too painful to do, but armed with the knowledge that if I improve my neck mobility and blood flow, the pain will get better. I managed to get stronger while I recovered. 

This is how you prevent low mood and frustration.
This is how you become a better person and athlete.
This is how you can come back stronger. 

This is why you should train with ProCare. 

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