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29 Apr 2014

Is Posture relevant to Sports performance?  "Good Posture"...what is it? Sitting straight? Giving yourself double chins? Putting a book on your head and walking around?   Posture is the dreaded word that every Physio mentions, even if you have a broken toe nail. So how do you know if your posture is actually affecting how you train or how you perform in sport  Firstly, you need to answer some questions.  1) Do you work at a computer or sit down for most parts of your day e.g. Driving? 2) Do you use a smartphone, kindle, tablet or laptop on a…

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Turn Your Injury into an Opportunity

29 Apr 2014

Turn your injury into an opportunity!! Yes, this is possible. Have you ever been told to 'rest' due to injury? I'm sure you have and it's the dreaded word for any active person to hear.  Rest can be an essential part of rehab but knowing when and how long for is key. Too much rest will lead to detraining and a reduction in tissue strength and adaptation. Too little rest can result in overload and overuse issues. So how much rest is enough?  The answer is in the diagnosis and the irritability of the condition. The best thing to do…

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