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Goals Goals & Goal Attainment

By Andrew on 12 Jul 2018

If I told you that there was a 69% increase in the likelihood of you achieving your goal by employing one thing, I guess you would bite my hand off to find out what that was.   Well, that one thing is………..Accountability. In Gary Keller and Jay Papasan’s amazing book ‘The One Thing’, they discuss the many ways you can achieve a goal fast. But by far the most powerful thing you can do, is to be held accountable to someone.   This can be a friend or a foe and in fact, if you tell a foe that you…

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The Cardboard Box Training Method

By Andrew on 29 May 2018

The cardboard box trap. Cardboard box training. It’s taking the fitness Industry by storm. Well, not really. Let’s take the simple cardboard box. If you have ever been around kids when they get a new toy, the novelty wears off pretty quick and then it’s onto the cardboard box the new toy came in for hours and hours of entertainment. Parents the world round are continuously baffled by this but yet we continue to buy the flashy toy. Why not just buy the cardboard box. Well, cardboard box training is simple training. It’s doing what actually needs to be done.…

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Physio's are annoyingly demanding

By Andrew on 09 Mar 2018

Sometimes physios demand a lot from their patients and often they can be very vague regarding return to sport. For example, a physio may say: "Do this exercise 5-10 times per day or when you think about it" "Sit with good posture all day long or when you think about it" "You need to do this programme every day for X amount of months and hopefully you can get back to sport/fitness but I'm not sure when" "Try running a bit and see how you get on" Sound familiar? None of it's necessarily wrong but it's vague, often not achievable…

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