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I don’t like Reading & I don’t care

By Andrew on 09 Mar 2018

Yes, it’s not something I enjoy and I never have. I was always told by friends, family, teachers, even the television (ironically) that reading is really important and if you don’t do it, you will “struggle” in life. I have also been told on many occasions by the same list above and by ‘gurus’ that the more you do it the easier and faster it gets. Well I am definitely the exception to the rule, or lazy. It’s not that I don’t read and it’s not that I am ignorant to the benefits of reading, it’s just something I am…

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The Physio Curse..

By Andrew on 09 Mar 2018

The problem with physios and doctors is that we are cursed. Yes, a dreadful curse. A so very dreadful curse … We believe that people know what we know. As Chip Heath (professor of organizational behaviour at Stanford University) says, we suffer from the ‘curse of knowledge’. It boils down to Tappers and Listeners. Let me explain: John thinks of a tune in his head and begins to tap this out on the table. Mary, who does not know what John is thinking, is trying to guess what the tune is. John is convinced that the tapping sounds exactly like…

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Alternative Medicine is ...

By Andrew on 03 Mar 2018

Something that has interested me since I was very young. I grew up in the west of Ireland with parents who believed in western and eastern medicine. I attended tai chi and A&E. I used arnica and rescue remedy and I took antibiotics and anti-inflammatory (I left ‘ies’ out as it didn’t rhyme with remedy) I had pictures of Bruce Lee and Eric Cantona on my wall. I went to university and learned about how the body works and I have always kept an open mind along the way. I believe in the hard science of biology, physics and chemistry but…

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