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Being Productive: The power of 3 & busy disease.

By Andrew on 04 Dec 2018

It has been repeated over and over in many books on success, habit forming and goal attainment. Pick 3 things that are the most important things that must get done in your day. They can be from any aspects of your life e.g. Health, family, work. It’s not a ‘to do’ list. It’s a must do list. Get them done & success is more likely to occur. They build the foundation for the next 3 the next day. Be wary of the busy mind in the busy season. Busy is not productive. Busy is busy. To do is to procrastinate.…

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Go Big or Go Small for Strength

By Andrew on 30 Nov 2018

A common misconception in strength training is that you need to go hard every time to get strong. Well that’s just not true. There is a fine line between skill acquisition, central nervous system fatigue, muscle hypertrophy (growth of muscle) and strength development. The research is certainly not clear with regards to exact reps and sets & there are many ways to get strong. If there was only one way, we wouldn’t have thousands of people on here telling you their way that definitely works. They all work but are they the right approach for you is the big question. …

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The key factor in exercise compliance

By Andrew on 30 Aug 2018

  100 days ago exactly,I made a commitment to do some sort of strength training every day and I have been 100% compliant with this goal. It’s ranged from just 10 press-ups to full out gym sessions.    So a bit of background to my story. I have a busy lifestyle with family and work pressures so compliance with exercise was becoming an issue despite being an advocate of exercise in my working life. There are justifiable circumstances in my life that lead to this conflict but I still felt I could at least do some sort of exercise but…

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