Why ProCare

Why ProCare

“Everything we do is focused on challenging preconceived notions about injury diagnosis, rehabilitation and prevention.”


What we’ll do for you


We’ll educate you about your mind and body, keep you training while you’re injured and educate you about recovery and optimal training conditions. You’ll feel better about your sport or activity and have a renewed confidence in your body (without the fear that follows an injury). You’ll sleep better, train better and come back stronger – it’ll change your life.


Why we do it

We’re changing the way people are treated for sports injury and reinventing the science and art of athletic performance coaching. We believe that, even if you don’t call yourself an ‘athlete,’ you should have access to the same treatment as a professional, right here in Cornwall. We also love changing people’s lives, it’s the best feeling in the world.


Who runs ProCare

A senior NHS clinician and triple graduate who’s studied physiotherapy, sports science and sports medicine, as well as strength and conditioning. Andrew McCauley is one of only a handful of sports medicine practitioners in the UK. He also trains other physiotherapists.


Dedicated to promoting ‘sports medicine’

Sports medicine is still in its infancy in the UK. It is holistic approach to rehabilitation and training; a medical specialty concerned with the management of injuries caused by participation in sports and other fitness activities. ProCare Sports Medicine was born out of the frustrations felt by athletes and active people who wanted better access to this know-how in Cornwall. A dedication to developing sports medicine in Cornwall and beyond lies at the heart of our mission.


Drop by for a visit

Our clinic in Truro includes a gym and a consultation area along with slow motion capture and playback technology, to analyse the way you move. Drop by for a visit, but please give us a call first.

Booking Request

Appointments are available as follows:

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